GLBA Branding



The Challenge

BioMicroGel company, a resident of Skolkovo and the Ural Technopark, is engaged in the development and production of safe for people and nature household and professional detergents.

It was necessary to show that the new brand of biomicrogrogel was actually environmentally friendly and not just trying to match the trend. And also to confirm that it was incredibly cool and non-standard even for such a flexible category as household chemicals.


The Solution

Everything began with the development of positioning, which was succinctly formulated as «fungineering». Fun + engineering is the very combination that makes it possible to look at a conservative household category from a different angle.

We developed our unique graphical language and tone of voice of communications, we successfully took the place between global and green brands, in essence forming our own lifestyle-chemistry category.

After we worked on the name and form of packaging. The word «wonder» accurately described the new, really eco-friendly, wonder-brand — and immediately caught on. When designing the logo, we tried not to lose the very balance of «fun» and functionality.

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