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Wagner Big City Pizza

Wagner Big City Pizza

The Challenge

Sharpening the product positioning of the Nestlé-led American Pizza range “Wagner Big Pizza”, which is aimed at young people who enjoy the experience (pizzas with a typical thick and crispy dough).

Wagner Big City Pizza

The Solution

The newly sharpened and modernized product positioning is expressed at the highest level by the extended brand name “Big City Pizza”.

The newly defined varieties refer directly to it and are now all linked to well-known international city names. The design of the packaging is now much more approachable and innovative and takes up the young target group’s expectations of internationally oriented and wide-ranging pizza varieties, which often would rather order from the delivery service than fall back on frozen pizzas.

Accordingly, the packaging front represents a largely untreated corrugated cardboard box as used by pizza services, which is torn open and offers a view of the appetising Big City Pizza. A courageous and groundbreaking step that clearly conveys Wagner’s claim to innovative and at the same time down-to-earth pizza specialties.

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