GLBA Branding



The Challenge

Unilever revealed a noticeable interest of the Russian buyer in products from Asia.

So it was decided by the company to separate the «tea» portfolio and launch the Asian line as a logical response to consumer expectations.


The Solution

The name Saito does not have an exact literal translation itself, although it is one of the most common Japanese surnames. The first hieroglyph conveys an image of purity and nobility.

Considering these reviews and the particular positioning of the brand, we focused on the pastel shades of the background when developing the design. The name on the package is made in the traditional Japanese style of drawing with ink, and the aesthetic stylised key has become the main point that attracts attention.

For each variety, a separate food zone was made visually describing the traditions of the tea ceremony. On the side of the package there is an illustration of two people in the «seiza» pose – the correct pose of sitting on your knees during the tea ceremony. On the other side a window is cut in the form of a fan through which the packed sachets are visible. And, of course, on each package there is a lotus that brings good luck.

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