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Maggi Seasoning Mixes

Maggi Seasoning Mixes

The Challenge

Successive modernisation of the Maggi brand and in this case, addressing a younger target group with a new, very innovative product range of mixed spices that are specifically designed to spice up dishes.

Maggi Seasoning Mixes

The Solution

Each spice mixture is represented by a caricatured character: for example, “Ernie Egg” for egg dishes, “Trudi Tomato” for pasta with tomato sauce or “Paula Potato” for potato toppings and the like.

The lovingly elaborated illustrations for the characters and a cheeky text concept turn the spice blends into a completely new product experience and underline Maggi’s claim to contemporary, modern spice expertise.

The comparatively elaborate packaging concept “Spice shaker in folding box” successfully rounds off the outstanding product appearance.

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