GLBA Branding



The Challenge

The gap in the market was for a complete wellness solution through a doctor retailer vitamin supplement with real benefits for pregnant women.

The different stages of pregnancy require tailored vitamins: this needed to be brought through in the architecture and navigation of the brands portfolio.

A brand name to differentiate this segment of the portfolio needed to be developed; The shelf merchandising impact was important and needed to effectively communicate to the targeted consumer; and functional claims needed to be included to drive the value perception.


The Solution

To use a photograph of the profile of a pregnant woman’s torso ensured strong emotional link, as well as direct communication to the consumer.

The colour navigation was carefully selected for the mom, as was the soft die-cut of the curved box, both accentuated femininities to the brand.

The amount of information has been strategically chosen based on what the consumer wants and needs to read, in order to give her further satisfaction that she is choosing the right product.

The doctor also uses this information during the consultation to aid his patient.

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