Unique mix of beauty and health

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Mixed nuts and dried fruit are booming in the Chinese market. Flamesun named the brand as “Jian Bing Jian” which has two meanings. One is showing it is mixed fruits nuts, another meaning is “Side by side to support you”.
We focus on the concept of catching consumer’s attention on emotional level. Why? In China shopping online is very popular and developed, consumers can get there literally everything. GLBA China has decided to give this project deeper connection between customer and brand.That is why the name of the product comes from daily relations and feelings. “Side by side” name suggest to keep always mix of nuts and fruits “by your side”. The same is with best friends or another important for us person every day. We like to keep them close, in case they are needed.
Black and white dumbbell- two colors, two meanings, one shape. Designers have created packages holding a young woman (white) and young man (black) in their minds.  White package reflects woman who need support for her beauty and wellness. Then black one focus more on man’s strength and vitality.
Two opposite characters and images but one direction- health.
We are all consumers so the best option is to think the same and try to find solution which we could choose as well.