Repackaging of fried rice from Liu Xiang brand by Flamesun Brand Design

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Everyone has own habits such as drinking coffee every morning or checking social media updates every afternoon. However very important is the way we do this like two activities at the same time. Due to a tempo of daily life many people do not have even time to sit peacefully and have a meal. They choose solutions to live easier and more enjoyable.

That’s the Flamesun’s concept of the new design of fried rice snack the famous brand on the food market 浏乡which mainly manufactures snacks as fried rice. We have created the name of the product – 炒炒逃跑中 which means running fried rice.

The idea of this package takes inspiration from daily life, where consumers look for a convenient way to eat even on the way to work or school. Here we are. Small, pocket size packages which can take to every place and do not need use hands, why? Because design makes possible to run small rice directly into your mouth! It is also about hygiene, imagine how many things you touch on the way in subway, car and in shops. How convenient!

Design created by our agency makes package more suitable for consumers. Fried rice is a very traditional snack in China. Our idea let everyone, anywhere enjoy this pleasure, old and young generation as well.

Packages also have many different colors and illustrations which show diversified flavors.

For the Flamesun GLBA Shanghai it is the only way to catch consumer’s attention- deliver creative and innovative solutions.