“Our idols”- potato chips packaging by Flamesun Design China

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‘Our idols’ potato chips package design takes an inspiration from amusement culture. Nowadays more and more popular are social entertainments such as reality and talk shows with famous singers and actors. Manufacturers need to follow every actual trend to get an attention from the young generation.

GLBA China has decided to attract the consumers by divining through the top  trends and cultures. As we know young people carefully follow social media, news wanting to know and get everything about the favorable stars.

Flamesun team very specifically selected pictures and personalities, prioritizing high stability and recognition of celebrities. Packages have different colors representing flavors and suiting chosen image of stars. For example orange one presents very famous last days comedian star, with his the most known gesture hiding is mouth and saying ‘ oh my God….’ Another one shows very famous female singer in recognizable ‘black swan’ style dress, with the red wine steak flavor, everything create classic image of the product, at the same time reflect personality of the star.

Besides the package, GLBA China has created the AR game for ‘Our Idols’ brand. In the internet era, for the requirements of the product experience, they can not only stay in the taste or visual level. Too many players on the snacks market create a big challenge for new manufacturers. To get any attention from the clients, branding agencies have to be more creative and make a product more interactive. Flamesun Brand Design lets the goods and consumers be more connected. After scanning the QR code on the background, consumer not only can enjoy the game but also find out more about ingredients. Young consumers of ‘Our Idols’ potato chips , are able to contact close their Idols, and share to friends. AR technology give the opportunity to choose own Idol by voting on the platform and decide who the want the most to be on the package.

After 3 months of launching the ‘Our Idols’ potato chips, manufacturer achieved a big amount of sales and very positive feedbacks. Flamesun GLBA China is proud of being a part of this wonderful success.