Depot WPF is an independent, international branding agency. We provide a wide range of branding services and are one of the leading companies in the Russian market. For 16 years we have been contributing towards growth in Russia’s branding industry, which has become a fully-fledged sector of the economy, and we are extremely proud of the role we have played in this progression.

We have expertise in developing company brands, products and services for local, federal and international markets, in various price ranges. Thanks to our unique cross-category experience and our knowledge of what makes consumers tick, Depot WPF is an invaluable tool for our clients.We have created a huge number of brands, which have achieved legendary status in the Russian market and been included in textbooks about marketing and design. We are at the top of the list in the Russian ratings for creativity and are the only firm in Russia to have won two Cannes Lions in the design category.