Stratcom Strategic Communications Company, an independent, international branding agency. Stratcom is proud to have taken part in the recognition of the continent as the leading industrial design continent of the world. For 20 years Stratcom has led through creative and structural packaging innovation, including brand design.

Stratcom is a recognized Top Technology company in South Africa and actively involved in commercialization of innovation through packaging to promote growth on the continent for the betterment of our clients and the people on the ground.

Stratcom has created iconic status for global clients across many categories. The continent is vast and the needs differ from country to country as packaging is relevant to each culture through distinct brand positioning and packaging requirements, Stratcom understands these needs and is proud to have successfully positioning leading brands in more than 44 of the African countries.

We offer industrial design on form and shape, closure, and material type innovation, brand positioning for market share, Brand Architecture for product and brand fit across categories. Design of packaging, Trademarks, naming architecture, brand icons and support material for brand personality and IP ownership.