Depot WPF Globalization Versus Diversity

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Creative Verpacken Magazine,
Anna Lukanina, Depot WPF

When working with global brands it is very important to consider specific national aspects, including the mentality, customs and habits of the people, their life-style and heritage.

Although the trend towards globalisation is now ubiquitous, the tastes and expectations of consumers in different countries remain diverse and varied. In 2012 flavoured Moccona (or DE Masterblenders in Europe) Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel were successfully launched in Europe and Australia and gained some market share. This product, which enjoyed considerable success when it was launched in Europe and Australia, is completely new to the Russian market. The new range with Australian labels was tested in Moscow. During this test several important barriers in perception were detected among the Russian consumers.
It was decided to create the new design for the Russian market. New range of flavoured Moccona has to look innovative, trendy, modern, European (in perception of Russian consumers) but at the same time to be a part of Moccona family.
Designed for the younger generation of the Russian market.


Moccona’s flavoured coffees are designed by Depot WPF branding agency first and foremost for the younger generation, who are accustomed to drinking coffee with added flavourings at coffee shops and are keen to try new products.
Local needs and trends

Bonduelle vegetables are sold almost in 8o countries and are adapted to each market. The French company Bonduelle became the leader on the Russian market by means of reputation and penetration of the brand and gaining a local customer loyalty. Although Bonduelle has the international brand positioning it was crucial to help our client to suit the specific requirements of geographic regions of Russia and former Soviet republics. Depot WPF has created the brand architecture, subnames, packaging designs and promotional concepts for the range of canned vegetables under Bonduelle umbrella. The naming and design of all lines were based on local needs and trends that are “consumed” in Russia.
The design of Bonduelle is based on local needs and trends.



The can underlines natumess and freshness of the vegetables.

“From field to table” is very popular trend in Russia. The canned vegetables are mostly used in Russia for cooking purposes and not as a dish. The canned products have so called presumption of guilt. Bonduelle concentrates on promoting a healthy lifestyle and one of the key elements of the company’s philosophy is the concern for a balanced diet and nutritional qualities of the products. It was important to underline and deliver the naturness and freshness of the vegetables and to overcome the perception of canned vegetables as less natural. The strength of the brand, clear targeting to the consumer needs combined with heavy investments in sales and marketing has enabled Bonduelle to outperform the Russian market.