Global packaging trends: semi-annual GLBA meeting in Istanbul

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Global packaging trends will be discussed in Istanbul in April.

Global Local Branding Alliance (GLBA) is organising an international conference dedicated to global packaging design trends. The event is taking place in Istanbul on 7th April, 2017. Its program will focus on food, personal care and cosmetics industries where branding and packaging are very powerful marketing instruments.

GLBA members will share current packaging design trends and insights from Europe, Asia, North & South America and Africa. Their presentations will prove that packaging should reflect values of both local and global levels.

The conference’s topics and speakers are:

• Thomas Reiner (GLBA Berlin): Transformation of products
• Dr. Orhan Irmak (GLBA Istanbul): Harmonizing the local and global
• Gail MacLeod (GLBA Johannesburg): Rediscovering the local
• Anna Lukanina (GLBA Moscow): Touching the emotions
• Margot Takeda (GLBA Sao Paulo): Rise of regional brands
• XiaoDong Du (GLBA Shanghai): New consumption ways
• David Ceradini (GLBA New York): Differentiation in developed markets

Orhan Irmak Design Agency – GLBA Istanbul – will host the GLBA Packaging Design Conference. The event will bring together global and local companies’ brand managers and marketing directors.
If you want to join us, please, send an email to Gülbin Yılmaz (