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Classic illustration and calligraphy outline the traditions of the winery, handed down from generation to generation.

From Russia with gLove,
Anna Lukanina, Depot WPF

What is in common between two different products and labels below? The consumer. Both products were designed for the local market, for people who can catch the creative idea only because they are Russians.

Every country has its own traditions and secrets that are hard to explain to other nations. Russians can understand why the symbol of glove appears on the label of home-made wine. Russians are good in story telling themselves and like everything that has mystery behind. Medieval engravings, the Grail, secret recipe… It must be a very good product in this bottle. While designing the packaging for the Spanish wine we followed the local consumer stereotypes and insights.

Eugene is a planning engineer, passionate about gastronomy and spending all his spare time with cooking and making wine. »Making wine is not really the main business for me, but I love doing it. I enjoy sharing it with my friends«, says Eugene, asking us to create a brand and packaging design for his homemade wine. The target audience of this small »winery« is -his friends, colleagues and business partners. Eugene kindly asks them to return the empty bottles after they have enjoyed the wine – to refill the new wine into them in the following year.
Homemade wine according to a Russian tradition:
• September – Harvesting: grapes, apples, plums, chokeberries and all other fruit one can find in a garden of a common Moscow-region »dacha« …
• October/November – Wine fermentation: the jars are covered with rubber gloves not to let the fresh air in and to indicate the wine condition.
• January – The wine is ready to try it!

Since Soviet times of deficit of everything the tradition to use materials on hand for different purposes is very strong in Russia. For our wine packaging we used materials on hand to show that it’s made with personal care and has a hand-picked taste! The package was made from scratch to show that our wine has a personal touch and an outstanding taste.

Garnacha Centenaria wine
Crianzas y Viriedos R. Reverte wine producer asked our agency to create packaging that would reflect the ingenuity and delicacy of its Garnacha Centenaria wine. We suggested a bold decision for the conservative category of premium wines. The idea was to move the bottle front from the labels to the gap between them, placing the wine trademark not on the paper label as it’s usually done, but to use the contra form between the labels.
We tend to see the most obvious things, neglecting the essence. We choose wine looking at its bottle and label. Our simple and straightforward metaphor moves the focus of the consumers’ attention from the label »form« to the bottle »content«. Both labels are decorated with illustrations copying medieval engravings. They tell us the story of Sir Galahad, who was a knight of the Round Table chosen to undertake the Quest for the Holy Grail. This legend remains the symbol of search for the truth up to this day


Till nowadays in the process of wine fermentation Russian people use rubber gloves.