“Enjoy your every day!” – mottos from Nutrilak’s bear

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Some say that they are tired of the abundance of bunnies and hippopotamuses on the packages of the products for babies. But Nutrilak’s bear – a character developed for the brand of Nutrilak baby’s formulas by INFAPRIM company – is special. At the desktop calendar for the company’s partners, he prepared for you a set of cute, cozy, warm and childishly naive wishes for each month.

A few years ago, the Depot WPF team developed a new design for the packaging of Nutrilak baby’s formulas. The visual product line is made in tones that convey the purity of early childhood and at the same time – the expertise of the producers. The style has become more minimalistic, in order not to distract attention from the brand-character. And his story is special.

In Depot WPF this character is called “Mishka Sonya.” The name of the bear was given by the illustrator of the project, Vadim Bryskin, who is also a young father. Working on the character, according to Vadim himself, he actually painted another portrait of his daughter Sonya. That’s why this the illustration is so sincere and emotional.

Mishka Nutrilak became a collective image of childish kindness and spontaneity. While working on the concept of the calendar, Depot WPF team asked themswlves – if the bear could speak, what would he wish to all of us? So the idea of ​​the motto for every month was born on the behalf of the brand-character. It became the theme of the calendar.

The design of the calendar repeats the visual stylistics of the updated Nutrilak packaging.