Eat and play with GLBA China!

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Duck wings, a duck neck and other spicy meat products are very popular in China and have a huge market share. Chinese people love this flavor. In local market Jue Yi brand make such hot meat products. Together with Flamesun branding agency presenting GLBA in China the company has launched the new package design for the product.

The man on the package is a popular VJ in China. He has a strong image among the target audience. The package is more than just a pack, it is a medium to communicate with consumers. So, the idea of Flamesun’s team was to create a Jue Yi village, where three chili monsters live. Consumers are offered to taste the local speciality and identify the national star.


Moreover, there is an interesting story about the VJ and the monsters on the back of the package. It helps consumers to interact with the brand. When they buy this product online, they can also read more stories on the brand website. This package design is the beginning of the Jue Yi story and the beginning of all promotional activities.

‘We gain the biggest attract of the distributors and have a highest rate in sales’, said the Chairman of Jue Yi.