Delicious books of Confucius’ wisdom

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Confucius was an influential Chinese master and a political figure known for his popular aphorisms and for his models of social interaction. Many people refer to Confucius’ wisdom and keep created models as priorities.

Flamesun presents new design for Chinese snack – dry pork meat 孔子教书 brand. I bet in your mind just have shown up a question “ but what Confucius has in common with the dry meat?” Well, the tuition for learning from Confucius is pork jerky. Surprising, is in it? This incredible fact is an inspiration for the brand name.

pork book

Designers have created a book as a Confucius’ draft. In this way idea and soul of the product is much clearer and more obvious.

‘Book’, package include famous sentences like 慢工出细活 which directly means ‘soft fire makes a sweet melt’. Chinese people say that the hardest work but made with patience and time, will always pay off.  But the younger generation is always rebellious, they can always figure out the reverse of this philosophy. We take this as the connecting part with our targeted consumers, for example for them hard and slow work does not mean anything good but laziness. It appears in a humorous way which makes this product interesting.


That’s why very clever connection is space to open package where consumer tear it and at the same time ‘page’ of Confucius wisdom. Meat is also identified as really soft and easy to tear and share.


Design by GLBA China of meat snack wants to give an usual pleasant food and talking-point when sharing the food with friends.