GLBA China: Communicative packages

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In a process of choosing strategy and project for product we are trying to predict consumer reactions. Flamesun presents a package of crisps brand. Do not deny that the project is directed mainly to the young generation. They love their fries, chips, small and quick snacks which they can share with each other. Teenagers like original ideas and show off by using them. At a first glance, nothing special in this package, yellow potatoes, potato chips shaped chips. But are you sure? Package has several views where the main character- potato is sending non-verbal message, using emotions. An idea is taken from the name of brand- 薯薯不说话 , what means ‘Potatoes cannot speak’ so use different way to communicate! Everyone send messages by tools like Wechat or Line. But for some of them it is really hard to imagine message without ‘Emoji’. It may seems ridiculous, but people want to send a virtual feelings in the most understandable way.

Assume example, teenagers who want to be original, will offer each of our packaging chips, replacing the ‘Emoji’ and informing at the same time about their emotions or current mood. Another brilliant idea is to create an application that can be downloaded to the phone after scanning the QR code on the package. Is it genius that consumers can either enjoy the taste of chips, and spend the time for playing game !


The application also has other options, like a broader product information, where potato inform about the way it was prepared. From my point of view as a foreigner and European, strategy and the idea of ’emoji packaging’ is very modern and can gain incredible popularity. Being totally honest at the beginning it was hard to understand the way how Chinese people think and design packages or TV advertisements. But after analyzing ideas and strategies I am able to say that designers of Flamesun try to reflect soul of the product in 100% on the package. They don’t give only colours and shapes but personality which can be recognized by people on over the world. In my opinion that’s the thinking which have a future and long-term presence on market. Presented package of chips薯薯不说话 is created mainly with thought about young people but not necessarily.

We live in generation of smartphone where applications are used in already every category of life. In this industry innovation gets another meaning, like we mentioned in the first paragraph the main and basic function of package is protection. Projects of Flamesun’s designers and strategy is not limited only to this one but moreover connect protection with modern direction and idea. That is Flamesun’s definition of innovation.