Chinese nut’s category in the smartphone era

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Nowadays people pay huge attention to the appearance. In ‘selfie’ generation make up, filters and any tools which can improve it are irreplaceable. But what about spiritual values and identity? That is the point which Flamesun want to consumers to wonder about with new product 不上镜坚果 for 好想你 (Haoxiangni) brand.

The company have more than 20 years experience in agricultural industry mainly engaged in manufacture and distribution of jujube series products. Now Haoxiangni offers nuts series like almond, pistachio and cashew.

Chinese food’s market is the largest in the world, we can find many diversified products. Nuts are traditional snacks in China. Original nuts are safe, healthy and convenient in packaging, have been extremely successful in increasing sales.

To catch consumer’s attention brand needs to present own personality which could help consumers to know more their idea. Despite of the high level of the consumption in China, it is really hard to distinguish oneself without specific identity and target.

That’s why Flamesun’s designers have created the special image and spirit of Haoxiangni’s nuts. For them maybe nuts are not looking good in the picture but at the same time do not have anything to hide under the make up and filters. Contents and nutritions might be given without unnecessary adds like chemical improvements.

Nuts are personified on the different background such as bakery, park or subway. Just exactly the same like people who used to take photos at any places to catch the moment.
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Flamesun’s goal is to pay more attention to quality and to let the consumers to enjoy it. Circle on the front side of the package suppose to give consumers imagination of a zoom like in the camera which focus everything on  a nut’s ‘face’.

Another special element of不上镜坚果 package is using positive sentences which can cheer up people. One of them is ‘keep on doing something if you feel it is right’ or ‘like yourself the way you are’. So if girls who think that natural beauty is the most important and ‘prefer to be alone than with person who is in love only with his appearance’ should stay strong and stubborn.


不上镜坚果 presents valuable product and simple values of our life. As much as we take care of our appearance we should pay attention to our soul. The same value we may find in food where nutrition values suppose to be the most important.